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    How We Work

    Our Easy 6-Step Approach To Delivery

    We know how important your online business is to you.

    We offer everything that you would need to bring your vaguest ideas into reality.

    Follow our easy 6-step approach to find out how we carefully develop your website for your target audience.


    1. Let’s Catch Up

    After making contact, it would be great to catch up for a coffee, so you can put a name to the face and meet the person who is doing your web development. We believe in long-term relationships, and building a great rapport from the start is key.


    2. Fact Finding

    We would then find out as much about your business as possible, and discuss how we can help bring out the best out in your business by offering advice from our experiences from the web development industry and our other clients.


    3. Design

    We would go through a design brief, discuss the personality you want to bring to your website, and identify your target audience.

    And now to something different – we would then begin designing concepts, personas, scenarios and goals oriented towards your target audience to maximise their experience of your website.


    4. Development

    From the design, we would commence coding, delivering designs online for you to review over a number of iterations. Once the design is agreed, we would develop your content, then we all get ready for go-live.

    We may come to visit a couple of times during this phase to discuss ideas we may have to ensure everything is A-OK.


    5. Go-Live!

    This is what you’ve been waiting for! Your website to be unleashed onto your target audience!

    Of course, no go-live could proceed without catching up for another coffee on us! See you there!


    6. Maintenance Care & Support

    We will always be there to give you the support you need to grow your business through your website. We pride ourselves on our service and making sure we keep your business going. Need something changed, restore from a back up or further development? We got it covered.